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A quick howto of Ajax with PHP

I have been using Ajax for one of our main applications with PHP. We are using the Xajax PHP class libary for that purpose which gives a very easy to use interface.  I thought of sharing a very simple howto for the xajax library in case anyone wants to have a quick look at it…

//Include the xajax class library

//Initialize a new Xajax object
$xajax = new xajax();

//Register the name of function that you will be calling from Xajax

//Now the function that uses xajaxResponse object for returning XML
function test_func($arg)
$display_val = “Passed to function: “.$arg;
$objResponse = new xajaxResponse();

// add a command to the response to assign the innerHTML attribute of
// the element with id=”v_ElementId” to whatever the new content is
$objResponse->assign(“v_ElementId”,”innerHTML”, $display_val);

//return the  xajaxResponse object
return $objResponse;

//Before your script sends any output, use the xajax handle for any requests

//Tells ajax to generate the appropriate Javascript
<?php $xajax->printJavascript(); ?>

//Now you can use the function in your HTML code like this
<div id=”v_ElementId”></div>
<button onclick=”xajax_myFunction(‘Hello World!”);”>

Shoaib Mir

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