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GCC installation problem for OpenSolaris (VM)

May 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Just today as I was trying to port my application code to Solaris and the first thing was to install GCC for Opensolaris and I was using VMware for that purpose.

While installing GCC I got the following error:

user name not found: root

Which didnt make any sense at all so after doing a little bit research I found out that its because the /etc/passwd file is very much out of date and was showing date from 1970.

To fix that…

Simple save the /etc/passwd file with the current date using the superuser previliges and then retry GCC installation which hopefully will not give any problem after this change has been done.


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Windows 7 – My experience

May 10, 2009 5 comments

I finally got the time to get it working in a VM and this is what I saw of it…

– On the performance side, yes it looks much much better then Vista but nothing like XP

– Good drivers compatibility as I didnt find any problems with any of the devices

– It has the most ugliest taskbar that you can think of, for the way it handles the multiple open windows and seriously it really was the most annoying part for me or I guess I am much more used to Ubuntu and one can never expect anything innovative or creative from M$.

– I couldn’t find Quicklaunch option, it would be good if some M$ techie could give a way around that?

Spending just like 30 minutes, I thought of just sticking to the old XP installation that I have for home use and stay away from the new version which only I would say a little behaved twin of Vista.

Shoaib Mir

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DDL changes in mutiple Slony sets

May 8, 2009 2 comments

I had a client scenario where we were replicating 16 different schemas using 16 sets with Slony and while doing DDL statements it was kind of confusing for the customer to remember which schema has what set number.

In the end I came up with a simple script that used to take input as: schemaname ddl.sql

Here is how the script was…

echo "Schema is" $STR_SCHEMAecho "Filename is" $STR_FILEnames=( scehama1
scehama2 scehama3 scehama4  scehama5 scehama6 scehama7 scehama8
scehama9 scehama10 scehama11 scehama12 scehama13 scehama14
scehama15 scehama16 )
for (( i = 0 ; i < ${#names[@]} ; i++ ))
j=`expr $num + $i`
if [ $nm = $STR_SCHEMA ]
echo  "Set ID for Schema is" $SCHEMA_IDecho "Executing Command" "slonik_execute_script --config=slon_tools.conf $SCHEMA_ID $STR_FILE | slonik"
slonik_execute_script --config=slon_tools.conf $SCHEMA_ID $STR_FILE | slonik

Shoaib Mir

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