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Scripting within psql

In one of my previous posts I was told of using PSQL instead of shell scripting to make things much simpler. That turned out to a good tip and with some help from my colleague at work I am now so used to PSQL in these kind of scenarios.

Just today I had to get the dead tuple percentages (using pgstattuple contrib) for tables within all databases on the server and here is how I was to get it done using PSQL and a simple shell script….

PSQL="psql -A -t"
DBLIST=$($PSQL postgres -c "select datname from pg_database
where not datistemplate and datname not in ('postgres')")
for DB in $DBLIST; do
 echo $DB;
 psql $DB  < gettupd.sql > $DB.out
exit 0


\o /tmp/tupd.sql
select 'SELECT \'' || relname || '\', * from pgstattuple('''||schemaname||
'.'||relname||''');' from pg_stat_user_tables ;
\i /tmp/tupd.sql
\! rm /tmp/tupd.sql

PSQL is just the way to go…  🙂

Shoaib Mir

  1. November 3, 2009 at 2:27 am

    It’s unfortunate that PSQL commands have those ugly backslash names. It makes it look like LaTeX code — except less readable!

  2. yeestrada
    October 12, 2011 at 7:59 am

    Hello, how can I connect and insert data into a remote database using a bash script? I mean, I want to connect to another pc with postgreSQL database and insert some data there from a bash script, can anyone help me??

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